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Really? Is it that big of a deal? It’s not like she’s walking into a hospital and treating patients impersonating herself as an LPN or RN. She gives shots, draws blood, gives meds, performs EKGs, patient education, and many act as a lab technician and do x-rays as well. I was a medical assistant for 12 years in a clinic before I went back to school and got my BSN. I also changed dressings, packed wounds, performed emergency medical care, and the list could go on and on….she is, in a sense, “nursing” the sick.

Seriously, we have got to get over the title games and political correctness. FREEDOM OF SPEECH still exists! Oh, my…a woman claims that she is “nursing” her baby…all she is doing is letting her baby suck on her nipple, how dare she say she is nursing! LOL

Report her to the BON? For what? To suspend her non-existent license?

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