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My wife and I are both RNs. Our legal and ethics class taught us that representing yourself as an Rn or even an LPN/LVN when you aren’t is illegal and has legal ramifications not only for the person in violation, but for any and all the nurses and management above this violator that allowed it to go on. This being said, one of my wife’s first jobs had a CNA that had been a CNA, and a very good CNA, for over 20 years. Somewhere along the line, this CNA decided that she knew more than the RNs and began representing herself as an RN, even going so far as to stencil the letters “RN” on her work ID badge after her name. She was even “teaching” and documenting this teaching of patients. The problem with the teaching is that she was giving erroneous information in her teaching and if it had ever been the correct information, it was seriously outdated and dangerous. My wife repeatedly told her that she was breaking the law, even showed her the laws that she was violating, and this CNA refused to quit. She was reported to management and to my knowledge nothing was done as three months after my wife began reporting it she quit working there to protect her license when the CNA finally went too far. I did find out that the CNA lost her job eventually, I heard this about a year later and don’t know when it happened or what caused them to finally put a stop to it.

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