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Would approaching her with a real nursing question, one she likely cannot answer (such as medication side effects, signs and symptoms to look for in a particular disease process), perhaps show her that there is, in fact, some real work to becoming a nurse? I’ve met people like this , too, had experience with a medical assistant (at my FORMER PCP’s office) who really saw herself as the doctor’s equal and would refuse to put my questions to the doctor. She’d give me answers I knew to be incorrect and when I challenged her (without letting her know I am an RN) she actually started hollering at me over the phone! I asked her to stop, she didn’t, I hung up the phone and called to ask who to report problems to. I could have been in some serious trouble if I didn’t have the medical knowledge I do have and had done as she said. I’ve also met several people who worked as aides for many years who represent themselves as having “worked in the nursing field for XX years”. I think this is partly due to the fact that in a lot of venues the good, hard work of aides is devalued. I also have worked with some who think that the nurses are lazy because they “just sit there” (charting, getting orders from docs, etc.) while the aides “do all the work”.

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