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Well, shortly after I posted this she quit her job, though not for any reason r/t this issue. I had counseled/educated her on the difference between Nurse/CMA. I had instructed her to stop and told her all the reasons as in why and the consequences for making such claims. I just was not getting through to her. Nor did other nurses who had spoke to her about this. I had searched my states OBN “Oklahoma” and had extreme difficulty finding any information. I really didn’t want to turn her in “and didn’t”. Still not for sure if me not taking further action was the best decision… I thought that if she seen, with her own eyes, on paper the consequences of her actions, that it would become a reality to her. That she would see that she was breaking the law and putting her certification and the pt’s at risk. She truly believes that she is the same as a nurse just has a different title. She doesn’t understand the knowledge we have. She’s 1 of those that toots her own horn. Talks about herself a lot and with great self love. Don’t take this the wrong way…but I’ve known her for quite some time now. I am not bashing ANY CNA/CMA/MA. I myself was a CNA, HHA, MA, Phle. for many years. I have great respect for them. The staff’s I have had will testify to the fact that I do not downgrade their importance in the role of nursing. Though she ACTS as though she feels she is worth a greater title than what she has actually worked for to achieve. The FACT is that Yes she has told co-workers, pt’s, friends, family and community she is a “Nurse” when she is not. Nor had she ever went through a nursing program and just didn’t pass her NCLEX. I still have contact with this CMA and do plan to f/u with her on this at a later date. Sadly she is still publicly claiming to be a nurse, so I am told.

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