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This sickens me. I worked hard to become a nurse (7 years including pre-requisites) to be a REGISTERED NURSE as did many LICENSED PRACTICAL/VOCATIONAL NURSES. We who are LICENSED have to right to call ourselves NURSES. Not CMA’s or CNA’s. CMA’s are Certified Medical Assistants and have a certification not a license and same with CNA’s; again the operative word is CERTIFIED Nursing Assistant. There are very strict scope of practice lines and anyone saying they are a Nurse is in violation of the laws of that state under their Boards of Nursing. Practicing or acting as if y0u are practicing as a nurse could get you arrested. Don’t call yourself a nurse unless you are licensed as a nurse. The educational requirements for a CNA and CMA are distinctly different. If anyone ever has this experience, please report them right away. To the hospital, doctor’s office or Board of Nursing in your state. This not acceptable.

For many patients it is difficult enough to distinguish the staff in their doctors’ offices between nurses and CMA/CNA staff. Many times there is no real distinction causing confusion for the patient which is not fair. Just because a CMA/CNA has worked in a specific environment for many years does not mean they have the training to work within the scope of practice of a nurse. If I offend a CNA/CMA then I’m sorry, but this is not your scope of practice or your right to act within. If you want to call yourself a Nurse…go to school and get the degree and pass the NCLEX…then call yourself Nurse.

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