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@nursec, sadly after leaving her position she still continues to violate the law of the State of Oklahoma and sometimes even when we don’t like it we are left with little choice. She cannot be allowed to continue to call herself “Nurse” if she has not received the appropriate training or licensing. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make having full knowledge of the situation, but you are also part culpable for not reporting her. You are definitely right, she is putting patients at risk and that is where you are responsible as a Nurse to advocate for the public at large. I’m sorry that this person who you seem to find some kinship in continues to do this. It tarnishes all we work for. Just think of the term Moral Turpitude…is she committing Moral Turpitude or is she righteous. Because if she were caught it would be under Moral Turpitude and she could never be licensed. But would you want to lose your license because you let her continue this charade? Nobody’s perfect, but we as a profession must maintain the highest level of ethics possible. Don’t risk your’s for her’s.

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