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I do not feel as though criminal action or charges is necessary. Perhaps she just isn’t fully aware of calling herself a nurse is highly misleading. Also, if she said shes a nurse to a co-worker thats not impersonation, the only way she could be legally held liable for it is if she lied on her application, applied for a nursing position and claimed to be a nurse, falsified documents to make her appear as a nurse the she can be held criminally liable.mat this point I would civilly take her aside perhaps with management included and explain to her its misleading. You never know, as a CMA she may be trying to become a nurse one day, so to undermine her ability to is unnecessary. She isn’t, so just start there. Going out of your way to press charges is futile. Right now its all here say and she didnt claim to be a nurse on any official documents and she isn’t doing what a nurse should be doing on the hospital so she isn’t really doing anything criminally. Handle it at a management and one on one level. I hope one day if she aspire to, she will become a nurse if that what she desires.

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