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Research the place you are interviewing at so that you can ask some intelligent questions. Remember, you are interviewing them as well as being interviewed, to make sure you are a good fit. Have in mind some examples you can give from nursing school or other places in which you were a good team player, when you went above and beyond when you etc. You can google common questions, so have specific examples in mind. If you have done something amazing in nursing school such as discovered an error in the hospital system that was going to harm a patient, and you noticed it, spoke up, and saved a life, etc … whatever they ask, bring the answer around to some strong points like that, but make sure you actually answer their questions so you don’t appear evasive.
Dress conservative, but nice. Now is not the time to wear your WOW dress. Times are changing, but many people in HR are still old fashioned and are expecting something more like you would wear to church and not to the club.
They will ask you what your future plans are, such as getting an RN, and what you want to do after that. Be honest with them. Think about your five year plan so you can articulate where you want to be and what you want to be doing in the future. Even if it is, saying that this LPN job is your end goal in life, they won’t believe you and it will make you look like you have no drive.
Back to work … good luck. I’m sure others will have better information, but this is a start for you.

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