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I would rather stay home any day! We no longer float from my acute rehab unit, but we used to. Our patients are supposed to be stable enough to do 3 hours of therapy a day. Even so we see our share of IV’s, feeding tubes, trachs, wound vac’s etc. But, we used to get floated to med surg units and you’d feel completely over your head. One of my first floats was to a cardiac step-down unit and they gave me 9 patients. Some of them had IV meds hanging that I had never even heard of. That’s just so unsafe for the patients, and so unfair to the nurse. I also don’t think staff that has picked up extra to work on their unit should come in and be floated to another unit. That will just encourage people NOT to pick up to help their unit and then the whole unit works short. Nurses on our unit no longer float but our PCAs still have to.

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