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It’s all about money. Hospitals get more money if a certain percent of their staff get the flu shot. There is very little evidence which supports a significant benefit to the patients if the nurses have had the flu shot or not because the window between infectious and too sick to come to work is only a day, and so many other people in the hospital are not required to get the shot, so the flu bug is circulating in the hospital anyway. There is however strong evidence that hospitals that make it so uncomfortable for nurses to not get the shot, such as mandatory masking all season and wearing a button that states they refused the shot so could be at increased risk of passing the flu on to YOU and the like have been shown to increase the percentage of nurses getting the shot. I fought with my hospital for over a month about this last year and they got their lawyer involved and started talking progressive disciplinary action, etc. I’m actually in favor of people getting the flu shot every year, but I don’t think it should be mandatory, and I think making the nurses wear masks all season long is strictly punitive and the science behind it is seriously lacking.

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