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Unfortuately I think the trend is hospitals are making this mandatory for all employees. Is it right, No. Is it an infringement on our rights, Yes. What can we do about it, no much. Lawyers will state that this is a healthcare environment and the employer has a right to protect the best interest of the patient. Does it really protect the patient, I think not. I just got my “shot” yesterday. Been in direct patient care and this is the first time I have received the vaccine with 20 years in the field. So you know my feelings on this. If the hospital really cared about the patient then they would limit patient visitation during flu seasons or require family members to wear mask, unless they have documentation showing they have been vaccinated. We have unlimited visitaion hours in my ICU, except at night, and everyone (cousins, siblings, neighbors, church members, work friends, someone who help the pt move some firewood last year….etc…etc..) come through our unit…What about them? No its strictly a money issue and a control issue for the hosptial. Period.
If you have to get it my only advice is make sure its single dose. Multi dose vials still contain mercury,thimerosal, know as an neurotoxin. But the CDC will tell you thimerosal is harmless, sure.

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