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Someone from MN will see this post, but I doubt it will change. Even their female avatars have the MN logo on their capes (A cape in which I want, hint hint MN). I’ve never looked at it and thought Male Nurse …. but I’ve grown used to being a boy nurse I suppose? Back in my early days, several of us boy nurses got together and founded The Federation of Male Nurses, and the badge of honor we had to symbolize our membership was an ammonia snap taped to the back of our name badge. To this day I still tape one there … it’s amazing how well they work to reverse psuedo-seizures and encourages people that are too drunk to get out of their car to move their own butts into the WC so I don’t have to lift them up myself.

Thanks for the suggestions … but I’m just the forum guy, but real MN employees read the suggestions, so it will be addressed by people higher up the food chain then myself.

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