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Sir, you are correct and I apologize for making the assumption and with that an ass of myself. Duh! Now that you point it out I can only see the MN as Mighty Nurse. My mistake, assumption, was that I noticed it on a male avatar and jumped to that conclusion. However, as you mentioned, it would be great that both female and male avatars got the cape. In my book, “The Customer is NEVER Right: A Nurse Practitioner’s Perspective”, I mention the Yellow Pages commercials where the hero wears a yellow cape as should nurses.
Thank you again for taking the time and, more important, pointing the meaning of the MN name tag out to me. Now, as you also mentioned, hopefully the MN employees will notice the suggestion for all avatars to wear the cape.

On to another topic, not knowing if you are the editor for the stories submitted, where do those go as I submitted one on 26 Jun 2013 without word/email to where it went or if it was received.

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