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No problems. MN actually had a contest a while ago, and the winner won a real life MN Cape … I SOOOO wanted to show up to work with my cape on, but I didn’t win. Maybe they will make some more MN capes this year?

As far as a submitted story, they have changed the policy since I first writing stories for them. Odds are it will just show up someday as the last couple I submitted I never really heard much until they showed up on the page. In the past I have received letters from MN stating they liked a certain article and it would show up around a certain date, but I think they get quite a few more article submissions now that the time between submission and publication is longer. If they don’t write you within a month, you can write to someone with MN in their user name … I’m not a real employee, I just moderate the forums, so I don’t really have any say in which articles get printed or even who makes the decisions. BrockMN is the person I usually message questions to and he has been good about getting back to me within a couple of days. Good luck, and enjoy your stay here at MN.

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