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I would LOVE to see Mighty Nurse grow!!! I’ve got some ideas. My mind goes 100 MPH in the early mornings so forgive me. lol 🙂
What might be nice is to have a “links” page. I’m always looking for accurate resourceful sites that can enhance my medical knowledge.
What would be awesome if there was a scholarship page. That would take some work finding them but hey we’re worth it right? 🙂
I personally would like to have more quizzes. I love to test my knowledge. Allow the quizzes to show scores and missed questions immediately after quiz is taken. And possibly allow a spot for our rational as to why we selected that answer and get feed back from ALL community nurses as an option.
What about videos. I don’t see any videos or an option to upload them anywhere.
And a calendar where we can post events to. Like nursing conf, community events that a group of nurses are involved in, Health fairs.
I love books and movies. Could have a page for recommended books-authors-movies-documentaries-articles R/T medical/nursing. Could be 1 nurses experiences or could be educational or comical whatever.

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