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NurceC: Thank you for your thoughtful post, please keep them coming. To address some of your thoughts (remember, I’m not a Mighty Nurse Admin, so anything I say can be reversed.)

As far as the Links and the resources pages go …. that is a great idea. Start new threads in the Nurse to Nurse forum and start with a couple of your own, and let’s see how many people add to them … I hope people contribute, as I think it is a wonderful idea.

I too would like to see more quizzes here, but that is outside of my scope, so I can’t help you there …. however, I know they read the forums, so they will get the message. Whether or not they make more quizzes will be up to them.

Videos have some good points and bad points to them. While I would like to see some videos, they can be a moderator’s nightmare. So far the only forum message I have had to alter was one that had a video embedded into it. I think it is a bad idea to allow videos to be embedded into the forums because if they stay up for more than a day, it would imply that I approved of the video in some fashion, since I didn’t removed it. If several people started putting up videos, especially movie length videos, there is no way I could watch them all and give my stamp of approval to them. I already spend WAY more time here than contracted to, because I like it here, it’s nice, but I really don’t have the time to watch several videos.

As far as providing links to videos and people could click on them at their own risk, and watch the video on a site other than Mighty Nurse … that would be more workable. There are rules against advertising products and pages, so there would have to be rules about which types of links I could let stand and which types I would have to delete, but as long as I didn’t have to approve off site pages that were linked to, it could happen.

The calendar idea is a good one also, but again, outside my realm. I think it would be nice to have a Mighty Nurse Calendar here, and they could host more ‘events’ that could be scheduled, such as contests and maybe live feeds for online education available only to Mighty Nurse Members, etc. I think it would become too cluttered with personal/regional stuff if everyone was allowed to post to the calendar, but I’m all in favor of nurses sharing resources with each other, but I think an onsite calendar will be more helpful once Mighty Nurse starts scheduling more events, IMHO.

As far as the recommended books and movies idea … again, I like it, but I think it would go against the advertising rule. Before I become a moderator, someone posted a thread of shameless self promotion of their services. It stayed up for several days, so I figured Mighty Nurse was good with it, but in fact, they were just all too busy getting the new site up and running that they didn’t notice the post (therefore their need to hire a moderator, such as myself.) Since the other thread seemed to have been approved, I made a thread promoting my book, and entitled the thread, “Shameless Self Promotion” and gave a link to my book. They wrote me a couple days later, telling me they had to take the thread down, as it went against the rules of the forum … which I finally got a copy of and posted above. It’s a fine line between shameless promotion of a product and sharing a useful resource that your fellow nurses could use and enjoy.

I would say if you find some funny nurses stuff online, feel free to link to them or copy them into the funny part of the forums, along with the patients say the darndest things. Until I hear otherwise though, I can’t allow promotion of other products on here. Linking to other nurse forums, while they might be helpful, isn’t a good business model.

In conclusion, thank you so much for taking the time to post your ideas. Some of them you can get started yourself, and I love to see people active in the forums. Some of your ideas will have to be addressed by Mighty Nurse folks, and I’m sure they will be reading this, so give them some time. Some of them, while the ideas a good, I just don’t see coming to pass in the near future.

Please continue thinking of way to improve the site, and THANK YOU.

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