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Thank you so much Jason. I really love this site and I’m big on resources/education & communication. I’m on the Advisory Committee for an LPN nursing school in our area. I enjoy being active contributor in nursing education. I take my role on the committee as an honor and a duty. I was humbled to be asked to join.
I can completely understand why MN doesn’t like advertising. Though would it be considered advertising if someone like umm “Me” was to start a forum asking for suggested books, articles, documentaries etc…? Would that be against the rules?
I will definitely get started on my favorite medical/educational links. I will make sure they are not associated to any other nurses link. If I have a question about 1 I’ll ask first.
I can see where the videos and a community calendar that members would be able to update could be cluttered and a complete pain. Though I wonder if they would consider allowing us members to send request BRIEF in description of conferences and the like to them directly for approval for them to add. There are many things I would had liked to attend if I only knew about it.
I sure hope they do consider having more quizzes, possibly with some of the suggestions I had to go with them. Nurses should WANT to continue to educate themselves. Education is the key to success and in our profession a lack of knowledge can be a deadly thing…
Since they do read these forums I’d like to add a friendly reminder of the success in sites that allow their members a more active role. So with this in mind…maybe instead of allowing videos /pictures/links to the entire public community via forums just allow the member to upload onto their own profile for only their friends to see. Just a suggestion MN!! 🙂 🙂
Thanks again Jason as always you’ve been very helpful and your input is greatly appreciated. Be looking for future forums. 🙂

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