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Eventually I would like to see a thread for each type of nursing specialty. A place for ER nurses, OB nurses, ICU nurses, etc.

I would like to see a “Patient’s say the darndest things” thread where people could post their favorite quotes from work, or even just a nursing humor thread for medical jokes and funny stories.

Would be nice to have a thread for nursing students to post papers they are working on and get feedback and editing help from nurses. This thread could be used by nurse writers also if they were interested in some feedback before submitting an article to a magazine or writing a book. I know having some nurses proof my book was very valuable to me.

As the moderator, I’m looking forward to seeing what other members request. For everyone reading this, PLEASE tell your co-workers about Mighty Nurse and have them sign up. The more active we are, the more we will get out of this experience. Nurses can change the world, but we need to work together and learn from each other instead of re-inventing the wheel with every patient.

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