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I know its hard to believe, but you WILL get over the anxiety of being a new nurse. We have all gone through it, and anyone who says they weren’t scared starting their first job is lying. Just remeber to breathe, read, and keep looking things up until you remember them. I used to tell my baby nurses that I was precepting that keeping a small amount of that fear you start with is healthy. Its what keeps us from making mistakes. So fear is good. I started on the med/surg floor and worked there for five years, learning everything I could: time management, medication, and delegation (which for me was a really hard concept to take on). I have been a nurse for almost eight years now, and am working in the ICU. Two years after my transfer up and I am still nervous, and double and triple check my drips, rhythms, and procedures. The good news? Now its just a verfication that I know what I’m pretty sure I already know. And you will get there too.
One day soon, a patient or a family member will ask you a question and the answer will fly out of your mouth before you even have to think about it. If you’re like me, you’ll say “wait”, and go back over the answer in your head, realize you were right, and call your mom on your break so you can hear how awesome you are. Hahaha!!!

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