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When I worked at a physicians office with 6 providers we had A LOT of hilarious scheduling notes that came across our desktops. I started writing them down along with the wrong spelling and all. Here is my collection. lolol

Has a “hard” time getting an erection
Soreness, at his belt line BM’s doesn’t look good.
Dissy sick vertigo ears feels funny
Lt eye looks asty
lip nodes
feel on hand seollen and hurts
white spots on tounsels
fever, diarrhea, stomach craps
shoulder pain if ankle pain
spot on bootom of foots hurts
not my left nipple hurts
ingrown toenauls
legs n back hurts
strip throat
sore on pee pee
Poss. gall blabber
passed out school poss. sinues infection
pain down in his groan area
slite fever
Pt. called as said the she was supposed to be referred to a surgeon for the rmoval of a rumor in her arm. Has not heard anything yet (a LPN did this one)
not going to bathroom #2 very good
dongestion and cough
spanged ankle
pain in Lt side and up and the right side
sinueses, ches congestion
tonssells hurt
pain in robs, not able to eat, nauses
asthmas and coughing
bumps on all body and itchly
bad toncilles
fills like crap
New pt had hysterectoamine, having pelvic pain, discharge with a lil blood in it. Pt is a 33 yr old Male
Talk about getting her urterus lifted
New pt Dr. ******* hit mouth and cheek swelling
ears acting feeling
cold fever and feeling well.

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