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I’m an LVN, been working hospice for 9 years, the last 7 have been the on-call shift. It was difficult adjusting even though I, too am a night owl. The advice given by others is good though, black-out curtains, a heavy eye pillow, a good sound machine app (or large fan for white noise) and setting your phone to airplane mode (the iphone now has settings that allow certain calls to come through, so you can turn your phone “off” and still know that your emergency contacts can get in touch with you.) Keeping a regular schedule helps too. I work 7 on, 7 off so I’m pretty lucky and have a whole week to catch up on my sleep but even if you have just a few days, take advantage of them. And in the end, if nights are not for you, switch! You see what we all see and you know your health and well being are the most important thing, good luck!

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