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I tend to like night shift a lot better as well. I found it is difficult at first to find an even balance..even though you feel tired at times..You can’t allow yourself to sleep too long. Think about the schedule you used to keep on day many hours did you sleep..keep that number in mind..After a couple of days of forcing your body to get will become easier. Sometimes I find myself sleeping too much..and force myself to stay up a little longer..if I felt really bad..I would try a little extra make sure I was burning energy. It was more difficult when I went to 3 12 hrs shifts…then when doing 8 hr shifts..I was start to feel run down and have to figure out if I needed more sleep or less sleep..I hope this helps a little. I also use to feel my eating habits sometimes didn’t help..if I tried to keep my schedule as opposite it helped..eating breakfast..sounds silly..but in my brain helped..crazy I know.

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