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I was going to say, “Why, with your eyes closed, silly!” but that simple answer is compounded by the issues previously mentioned… interruptions and an inconsistent schedule create a challenging situation. I am also a natural night owl but flip back to day shift when not working because my husband is dayshift and I’m (frankly) more flexible. I have never required 8 hours of sleep (6-7 is MORE than enough for me) but find the flip-flopping throws me so I am kind to my old bones and sleep more when I feel like I need it. It can be frustrating because sometimes I feel like I am always sleeping. I changed all my clocks to military time to prevent panicked confusion on waking (am I getting up for work? taking a nap? answering nature’s call?) I have a sleep mask which helps if I wake up too early and for napping the first day before a shift (I work three 12h/shift a week) and keep the room extra cool with two industrial fans AND a window unit (which my husband lovingly mounted) plus the “white noise” is soothing and blocks noise from the rest of the house. I don’t have little ones anymore so that helps (GOD BLESS you young mothers and fathers who work night shift- I would NOT be able to do it..) All in all, you just have to find what works for you. You’re getting LOTS of helpful info so implement all prn…. ;0)

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