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Forced? Thats a little bit of a reach don’tcha think. I can think of few things people can be forced into. Theres always Big Bubba in cell block C now he may force you to do a few unwanted things, he is going to be there awhile. If you were forced to be an LVN because the quota was filled with the top brainiacs (funny thing bout that is that the GPA’s are selected to take the course so as the GPA will reflect finely educated students reflecting positively on the program itself. Don’t be surprised if you see one or more of these grads not in the field because THEY HAVE NO SKILL WHAT SO EVER AND RARELY BECOME PROFICIENT IN ACTUAL HANDS ON NURSING.) They are still nurses and can regurge most anything, they get lost in admin and try to achieve standards that are always unrealistic in real world scenarios, due to the above subject matter. [*don’t be one of those]
By the way what backwoods college are you attending? BSN was full of smart people, well BOOK SMART, which we understand doesn’t count for much, anyone can read a story, but can you play the part? so when thats full the college just stuffs your A** in an LVN program??? If that was full would you be a phlebotomist, CNA or a Med Ass? Thats a dicky school. Ill tell ya something else if your smart, don’t take the LVN, picking a career can leave you content especially after 2 years of course work like you will do. I don’t give a rats glut’s about what the median average pay wage is for LVN’s across the county, it’s a lie you will be lucky to start at 15 as a LVN hot out of school, and I bet the local hospitals where you did your clinicals are ready to take you, “that naive nurse”, under their wing and protect you. Then as soon as your foot hits the floor, heads rear of fellow co-workers to be, without missing a beat like Pavlovs Dog, they salivate, it’s you they are gonna eat. Get on a waiting list, talk to the counselor or better yet the program director, If you cant reach out and touch these people you will never get anywhere. After the LVN you will be unemployed? I am still tryng to figure this out, why would you be unemployed? There are so many jobs for us types out there, thats some serious magical thinking you need to change. If you don’t pass the state boards, you will be unemployed.
Seriously babe would you o to the car lot, with picture in your hand of the car you want in your favorite color. Then be told by the dealer that you should take a look at bicycle or moped over in the other lot. What would you do then? I know what I’d do! I would ask to see his Boss. Ask and you will be relieved, find out where on the list you ended up, these classes always start out big and end small, you gotta keep the averages up. Get in that way. Or you can do what I always do, Stalk the Person who can say yes. Break into their cars while they are at work and hide in the back saying my own name over and over in a faint whisper, psychological conditioning. Then I send flowers with a chemical I spray on so when they smell them they became nauseated and commence to have uncontrollable N/Vomiting which as always requires a ER visit. While in the ER I come into your room with water and a snack, (Antidote) claiming its healing properties were handed down from GENERATION TO GENERATION of Nurses, they get well quickly and guess who they remember? It’s a game, you just gotta play hard, go to the first day of class for the BSN and stay in it day after day, they can’t make you leave, they just make you pay, don’t be a psycho like me what works for me may not work for you, be cool and don’t take the LVN hold out for convertible Mercedes coupe, you will be much happier.
p.s. I am an LVN of 21 years now (CA 169721) never heard a lecture, never took a final never had to dress up in those student uniforms with stupid patches glued on, nope just challenged the boards. There is a loop hole in everything find it!
If you have trouble finding it and hit roadblock put up by anyone let me know, I have 21 years of tricks that work no matter what.
Layla Be cool, its the only way to be.

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