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Sure … I’ll buy that if you actually bathe your patients daily, infection rates will go down, but these laws are just stupid. WA is the same way (at least my hospital is) in that once you are on the list, it is nearly impossible to come off. I think you need two negative swabs over a year apart or something like that.

Antibiotic ointment up the nose of every ICU patient should be illegal. That is how so many antibiotic resistant bugs came about is because the farmers started giving them to every cow. Expose a population of bacteria to something that kills most of them, only those that are resistant will live long enough to have baby bacteria.

Instead of trying to make the world, and our bodies, sterile, I think it would be a better plan to find some friendly bacteria and just coat ourselves and surroundings with them, so the more passive bacteria can out compete the more aggressive ones. Sure, we will still need antibiotics and bugs will still become resistant, but it would slow the process down if we worked with nature instead of trying to treat everybody. With our current practice, it won’t be long before we have bacteria that are resistant to every antibiotic (I actually had a patient like that once … had to put on a special suit just to go in the room with her …. she died.)

MRSA is not a big problem …. but we will make it one.

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