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I got y’all both beat! Everyone that enters our hospital and all it’s affiliates, and it’s a BIG chain my friends, gets a nasal swab, precautions if positive, forever, and our ICUs do the nasal ointment CHG baths for ten days! To every patient. Positive or no. And yes it’s been proven this helps Identify and treat patients. And what makes me crazy, although we have to dress head to toe in all that sweaty garb, visitors and family do not and they are welcomed into the general family lounges to eat and spread everything to anyone they wish! And the techs, respiratory techs, X-ray techs and most importantly the DOCTORS go in and out of these room at will and I’m lucky if I see a hand sanitizer used! It’s crap! We asked as nursing students at an infection control conference what happens when staff are asked to get tested? What then? since as Jason states above we all prob have this in our nares, and they refused to answer! They said , “lets hope it doesn’t go there or we may all be out of work!” Ridiculous!!!!!

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