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I can go one better. Our ICU was part of an MRSA study and because of that, every ICU gets an antibiotic ointment swab in each nostril twice a day for 5 days and a daily bath with a special wipe made for MRSA patients. EVERY ICU PATIENT. Anyone that has had a history of MRSA on a swab in their nose in the past is an automatic contact precaution and takes and act of Tennessee Congress, 3 notarized letters by fictional superheroes and one vial of holy water from the pope to be taken off contact precautions….even if the swab is negative this time. OK, slight exaggeration. But truly, if they have been positive in the past and negative now, we can’t take them off and have to do all of this cleaning every day. We were told that during the study, our infection rate dropped 46% so maybe it is worth it.

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