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I believe rather naively of course that we should all have empathy for one another and recognize that each of us are nurses,or healthcare workers with our own craziness to deal with and try and do the best we can to help one another when we have to mix it up departmentally. I work a post op floor and often receive patients from the ER, PACU, direct admit ect and find that it is not the DEPARTMENT the patient comes from that is the problem most times, its WHO IS SENDING THEM more often than not. There is nothing more frustrating than to get called report right in the middle of 2100 med pass, no techs, 6-7 patients already, ect. and the ER or PACU nurse wants to rush, be sarcastic, ect. with you , or the ER nurse sends a broken hip or pelvic fracture to the floor filthy, no catheter, no gown, ect, and I have to call the doc for a foley when the ER nurse had the doc right there and failed to do that simple thing that would have made my life and the patients life so much easier. My charge, an old school hateful wench, tells me to be rude to the ER or PACU nurses, to not accept the patient, report them, ect. if things aren’t just so. I have found that praising the nurse for doing the right thing like inserting the catheter or even getting the order to have one, works much better. I have floated to many floors of my facility and have been dumped on by many. I decided that the next time a float nurse came to help my floor out that I would be extra nice to them, thank them over and over again for coming to help out, offering to help them when needed and often times buying their lunch. is a much better way to handle things. We can say we should have our managers do this and that, but we all know it is not our managers who are in the trenches with us when this issue arises, so we should EACH take person responsibility for the way we handle these situations, and how our units are represented and hopefully others will see and follow suit, or will be the minority instead of the majority. I feel your pain Jason I truly do, we all face these issues more often than not, and it IS a shame that we do not support one another in our profession better than we do. Personally, I try and say good morning to each person I come across on the floor and smile at them, get to know them and share a cup of coffee or a laugh, offer them some pizza or candy if we have any ect., and try to offer to help them complete their job if need be, like holding a demented patients hand while lab draws their blood, or assisting the Xray tech position my patient for their xray, and I just hope that my good Karma will come back to me, and thus my unit as a whole.

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