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There should be no war between any departments/units. All should work together as a team. All are professionals. But sadly this may exist because of communication problem and/or because other department have mentality/feeling that they are superior over others.
All must be reminded that each staff are equal and each play important roles in patient care. Any staff/department should not compare or expect the same environment on other department since they are on different field of expertise.

Managers in each Department should meet with their staff to discuss what are their concerns regarding other departments. For each concern that a staff nurse give, the staff nurse should also propose a solution. Managers should also discuss how can their department build good relationship with other departments to improve communication and promote team work in achieving common goal of providing best care to patients.

After meeting with their staff, all department managers should have a meeting to lay out the concerns and proposed solutions. Department managers then should come up with a system / solutions of the problems and then commit themselves in working together to improve communication and relationships between departments.

If they see a need for a team-building fun activities, managers should make a proposal to higher management or administration to provide fun activities. (Example: Make 4 teams to play a team-building game. Each team should have a representative from every department. No team should be composed of members from a single department. Friendly competition in a team-building would hopefully help build good relationship.)

Any positive actions / behaviors should always be recognized specially if it came from other department. (Example: MedSurg is short in staff. ICU floated a nurse down to MedSurg. MedSurg should equally devide the unit. MedSurg Manager should recognize the assistance of ICU department and send a simple Thank You card to the Unit and to the nurse that floated.)

Happy Staff = Increase Quality of Care = Happy Patients = Increase Patient’s Satisfaction Surveys

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