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My continuing career of 34 years in nursing up to this point has been both very rewarding and discouraging at other times. I consider the rewarding periods, the smiles, hug, positive outcomes and personal expressions of appreciations because of excellent customer service that I have provided. Those times far outweigh the discouraging times of not receiving pay comensurate to those services. I am going through one of those difficult times now, since because of a health problem of my own (one not elligible for disability pay)which curtails me from driving. I am having to pay someone 1/3 of what I make each shift to drive 40miles round trip to/from work. So with calculater in hand and a continued wish to provide excellent customer service to those in need, I have determined that I am planning on providing transportation for those who are unable to transport themselves to their places of employment. After paying for and receiving an excellent education it distresses me at this time that someone who employs themselves driving a car makes more money than I do weekly. In 12 years when I can retire, I am going to take advantage of that in-equality. I deserve it.

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