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@ Amy..Do you like to teach? Is educating others a gift for you? If so, Go for that MSN girl!
The biggest mistake that I made in my Nursing career was not finishing my MSN, Well I had started a Masters in Health Care Mgt I was or I felt like I could do only one of two things and do my best at it. I will not go into detail….just because.
So, I chose curtain number 2.
I was past burned out, I was fried in May,2012. Placed on Medical Leave followed by Disability. Now that was a big change in income. However, when I was terminated because I had used all of my FMLA, it was like graduation……you remember…the world was off your shoulders.
After 27 years of Critical Care Nursing, I was burned out. I hated my job, I wanted to know why people had to get sick and come to my unit, I was pitiful and I am sure it showed with co-workers and pts.
There were big changes in structure at our hospital. Once a friendly everyone knew everyone hospital to an all business patient factory. Get them in get them out. No time yo bond or spend those special moments with your patients or fellow employees. It is what it is….the mentation of corporate management.
So, what was I answering?
@ Jason, there is nothing for us unless we return to school and run up 40.000 in debt.
So @IT/BSN Return to school. Get your Masters in Informatics and fly away!
Boy did I ramble, sorry.

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