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I’ve been in nursing for almost 40 years now. I can’t say that I have ever experienced true ‘burn-out’. I think the reason for me is that I have never done the same thing for more than 5 years at a time. The majority of my nursing career has been in the hospital setting. I’ve been fortunate to find so many different things to do within nursing. For the last 20 years I’ve worked in Psych. I love it, it’s new each day. But even within the realm of Psych I’ve done many different things. I’ve been in different levels of management, educator, preceptor, ECT clinician and extender. I’ve never been bored. I feel most blessed to enjoy what I done for all these years. I don’t look for the job to fulfill me I fulfill me in the job! I look for the different things to do and ways to do them. For me nursing was and still is a ‘calling’. But I am a realist too, the money I make is excellent, the benefits are great. Now as I’m in my 60’s, I grow tired and know that soon I’ll fad out of it. But, thanks to the God that called me into it, I’ve found nursing to be the best thing I’ve ever done in my life.

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