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I have been and LPN for over 29 years and seen a lot of ups and downs in nursing, My pet peve is # 1 LPN’s are not considered nurses. Why the N in LPN stands for nurse. I worked in the same Hospital off and on through my 29 yrs because they go from using LPNs to not using them and always go back to using them. I also found that the majority of good RN’s were nursing assistants, LPN and then go their RN. RN’s coming right out of school have the attitude they didn’t spend 4 or 6 yrs in college to get their hands dirty or wipe someones butt, I’m not saying they aren’t smarter but some don’t have the common sense to do nursing. They might be great administrators but they can’t and won’t give care and sometimes resent having to. I have worked in the Emergency room when you didn’t have a Dr. and had to call them at home and treat the patient till they got there. And i was the only nurse in the E.R. I have been the E.R. supervsor and passed JACHO inspections and a new administrator come in and say we can’t have you in that position and going to have to let you go, We need RN’s only and a yr down the road the offer me a job back because they can’t get RN’s to do what I did. No I didn’t get my supervisor job back but might as well had it because she had me showing her and doing her job 80% of the time. But I loved it there and I also understood JACHO made alot of them rules. 10 yrs ago I learned of a job in jails and fell in love with it and found it to be wide open for LPN’s. After working for several years part time in the jails and learning about the way they are run and the type of care you have to give and whats needed and required I quit the hospital and started up clinics in small jails that have no medical facilities and I love it. I hired their Dr’s and developed protocols and found the resources so they no longer had to take inmates to outside facilities for treatment and to this day I continue to improve medical services for the inmates, So in short there is a place for LPN’s Correctional medicine. It takes someone very special to work in all areas of nursing and I hate to see a talented LPN come straight out of school an only find a job in long term care when that isn’t where their heart is. Lets face it no matter how good a nurse you are if your heart isn’t in it you can’t do a good job. And please don’t tell and LPN he or she isn’t a nurse, because we are and there are reasons some of us haven’t finished school. Thanks

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