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Honestly why are they completely phasing out LVN/LPN’s ? Who is behind this ? Some places have a stronger anti LVN culture I have noticed. I do know that it is more of an expense for the nurse.
Experience, and natural ability are priceless things that cannot be taught, but do seem to be discounted by the current culture.
This is real question, what is this all about ? I hate to sound political but honestly who is profiting from all these student loans that we are all going to be paying for a very long time. Why can’t LVN’s take a combination of online classes and hands on training in the hospitals. Why is access to this higher education so limited and inaccessible especially in nursing, we have to jump though many more hoops and often run out of credits before the goal is achieved. lottery system adding sciences, 5 year expiration date on science classes, wait lists. I could go on. The current system is unfair that is the bottom line !

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