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I don’t think the initials behind your name matters when it comes to the care you give. I have been LVN for 14 years. I feel like I am a very capable nurse. I do fear for my career and the rumors of phasing out LVN’s. I have tried multiple times to return to school and get my RN’s without success. I have met some RN’s that cant even do a simple head to toe skin assessment. And get moved up in position more than a LVN doing the work of two nurses. I agree with the nurse that suggested a credit for experience of years of nursing toward your RN degree. I feel ALL RN’s should have to start out as CNA, then LVN and then RN. I know my experience as CNA made me have much respect for what they do. We ALL (CNA,LVN, RN) are team members in the same game and should help each other for the good of the patients. Thank you and God Bless.

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