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I agree with most above. I am a relatively new LPN, and I remember in school I asked why we had to learn about hanging blood, and the adverse side effects that can happen. The instructor explained to me that while LPN’s in Illinois cannot hang blood, we are still responsible for it when the RN leaves the room, and true to her word I was the one responsible, and the patient did have a reaction. I, however can stop it, and start NS flow. We have to learn as the RN does because we are all responsible. The human being still has the same brain, circulation flow, 12 cranial nerves, same blood, same heart, same diseases, and last of my knowledge same lab tests. The world of the Long term care has changed also, patients of all ages are being out sourced to the Long Term facilities. I do remember the days of having just “old people” I was a CNA for 32 years before becoming a nurse. Now I see all ages. No, we do not do infants. But that is ok with me. The pay is better in Long Term than that of a hospital. We do get quite alot of disrespect though. I remember in clinicals, I placed an IV in a patient. The next day the student RN came in to remove the IV (left cephalic) and tossed it across the room trying to hit the trash can. and she replied, let the LPN (me) clean it up. I looked at her and her Instructor, and said, “I didn’t make the mess, I’m not going to clean it up”. Her Instructor replied, “I wouldn’t either”. LPNs are Nurses too. It’s just a shame that alot of RN’s don’t think so…

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