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First, Linda, it is KatiemomRN. Second, I’m not sure why it took nearly two months for this to bother you enough to respond. And third, this is an open forum. I was posting my responses from the perspective of the nursing community I work in.

You must have missed my earlier response in which I mentioned that not only did my mother start out as an LPN, but my preceptor in the ICU I went to work in as a new grad was an LPN as well and that I have nothing but respect for the work LPNs do. You also must have missed that I was responding to Traci’s “subtle” insult to RNs in which she stated that LPNs are harder working and better trained.

At no point have I said that LPNs are incapable of posessing the same knowledge and skills of their RN coworkers. All I’ve stated is what the current research demonstrates. Period. I’m sorry you feel the need to take this personally and interpret it as bullying.

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