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Linda: I honestly think katiemomRN did not mean any offense, but was just responding to an overly generalized statement in another post. This section of the forum is to discuss LPN issues, but it is an open forum for those that have an opinion on the topic at hand. You can freely post in the other forums (CNA and/or RN forums) but keep the topics appropriate to each one.

That being said, I would like to see the degree specific forums to be mostly active by people of that degree.

Lastly, if you two feel the need to continue your discussion, feel free to private message each other. Any future hostilities in the public forum will be deleted. Either of you are also welcome to private message me if you think I’m off base, but my finger was hovering over the delete button on the post to “katimoonRN” until I seen she had a chance to respond already in such a way that I hope you are satisfied.

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