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They’ve talked about phasing out LPN’s forever. I am an RN-ADN and have worked towards my BSN but never completed it. I can’t see why I need it. There are still jobs out there for LPN’s, and I know it varies from state to state as far as what they can do. I have actually been told I’m over qualified for certain jobs because I”m an RN. True, most LPN’s work in geriatrics or doctor’s offices, but I work beside some fabulous ones in diaylsis, and have in both the hospitals and public health.

It is not true that I didn’t learn bedside care as an RN. I am very competent with my abilities to talk to a patient and put them at ease, and I am not above getting my hands dirty. I’ve never been that kind of nurse. I was a CNA first, tho, and that might make a difference.

What is important is what makes you happy. If you are happy and competent where you are then stay there. If you feel you need more education to make yourself happy and more ‘marketable’ then go for it. We are all nurses, and we are all in demand….and we were all students once.

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