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I have proudly been an LPN for 20 years, prior to that I was an EMT and EKG tech. I graduated 2nd in my class and had employment lined up before I graduated. I started back to school to attain my ADN/RN 2 years ago. Now I’m faced with the worry if even that will be enough for me to remain marketable. A local hospital announced 2 weeks ago they have a goal of securing 81% BSN staff within 3 years (2017), ADN/RN’s currently employed at this hospital but not complying by attaining additional education will be dismissed – DISMISSED – I am a single mom with a child who will be entering college very soon, so money is an issue that keeps me up at night ! I am at a loss as to why anyone with credentials behind their name can be dismissed as “ok today and “not ok” tomorrow

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