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I have been an LVN in Texas since 1984, and when I was in nursing classes our instructor was telling us at that time, that within the next ten years that there would no longer be LVN/LPN’s and the ones who already were LVN/LPN’s as ADN. That was 30 yrs ago and there still has been no changes. I don’t think they will ever do away with LVN/LPN’s because they are the ones who do most of the hands on patient care and get paid a lot less. I have tried to go back many times and due to lack of funds, family illnesses, and myself being ill (I was Dx with lupus), I have been unable to finish my ADN, but since finding out I have lupus I decided that I probably don’t need the stress that comes along with ADN. In the small town (2500 ppl) I live in here in TX we only have a 20 bed hospital, and I learned more at that hospital then I did when I lived in Amarillo and worked at the bigger hospital, because in the smaller hospital you have to do everything, because they don’t have funding for all the departments, so when something major comes in they are transferred out to the larger hospitals and we may get them back on swing bed. But I have had doctors tell me they would prefer me working the ER with them then some of the RN’s. My thinking has always been continue to read all you can learn all you can because in the medical field things change constantly. I also try in to explain this to any new nurses I train when they come to work. But to me it doesn’t matter what you have behind your name just be the best you can be and learn all you can, and thank God daily for the ability he gave you.

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