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I lost the same job twice in the past 6 years for the same reason. I’ve been an LPN since 1992. I’ve been in Hospice most of my career and two months ago, again, my job cut from the budget because I am an LPN. I trained every RN that is currently on staff at my past job. I was the senior staff visiting nurse with a perfect work history, no absences, loved my job and loved my patients and vice versa.
I was told no budget for an LPN in the office and found out a couple of weeks ago there is a per diem LPN working 2-3 days a week with less experience. Well, I actually trained her but, I thought when the company told me there was no budget for an LPN, I assumed it was all of the LPN’s. I am working with my state senator as well as Dept of Labor of WV. Big companies from different states are coming into our state and making rules and regs on their own and whatever fits their needs…It isn’t right. In my opinion, I chose to be a LPN not a RN because I love patient care. If I wanted to be a secretary as I believe RN’s are stuck
in jobs that require too much paper work, I would have went to secretarial school.

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