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Nightnurseangie – in response to your question about where I got my information about the current research:

Educational Levels of Hospital Nurses and Surgical Patient Mortality

The association between nurse staffing and hospital outcomes in injured patients
This one specifically addresses the issue of increased mortality and sepsis rates in hospitals with a higher percentage of LPNs. “Higher hospital LPN staffing levels are independently associated with slightly higher rates of mortality and sepsis in trauma patients admitted to Level I or Level II trauma centers.”

Nursing care and patient outcomes: international evidence

Let me reiterate what I said in prior posts: I am NOT saying that an LPN cannot be as good as an RN. I “get” why this is an upsetting issue. I didn’t appreciate being told that my associate degree RN wasn’t as valuable as a BSN, but the fact of the matter was that in order to have job flexibility and mobility, I had to obtain my BSN because the hospitals I prefer to work in require it. I also realize that not everyone can afford or even wants to return to school to obtain their RN.

The question was not “are LPNs good nurses?”, or “can a good LPN run circles around some RNs?”, it was “is there a future for LPNs?” So again, my answer is yes – it just may not be in the capacity you wish it to be because of the way healthcare is headed.

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