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My mother started out as an LPN, and my preceptor in the ICU at my first job was one as well, so I have nothing but respect for them. Unfortunately, even 20 years ago they were already being phased out of the ICU – less than 5 years after training me, my preceptor was no longer allowed to take patients she had far more experience with than I did.

That said, we all have personal anecdotes about the LPN or ADN-RN who was a clinical genius and could run circles around the BSN-RNs, but multiple studies in both the U.S. and Canada have repeatedly demonstrated better outcomes/lower mortality rates proportional to the number of BSN-RNs on staff.

Anyway… I think there will always be a place for LPNs in nursing, they are just not likely to be in the areas you want to practice in. An LPN coming out of school these days will not likely find employment anywhere but long-term care or private duty.

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