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I have been an LPN on the same med/surg floor for 11 years. For 9 of those years I was permitted to give blood, draw from central lines, do admission assessments, assess for foley removal, even take patients with restraints and many other things. The last 3 yrs they have slowly taken these skills away from us. Not that we lost the knowledge to do them, just the hospital changed what it would allow us to do. We have been
“strongly encouraged” to return to school, not yet mandated. I feel like the more things they no longer “allow” us to do, the more the RN’s on the floor resent working with us. Creating somewhat of a hostile work environment. Which in turn makes us (LPN’s) feel unwelcome and unhappy at work, resulting in seeking employment elsewhere. I absolutely LOVE what I do. I love bedside nursing. I have completed the pre-req’s for an online RN program, just have not yet entered the actual nursing part of it, due to illness and death in the family this past year. I am now looking elsewhere. I just got a prn position at a correctional facility, starting soon, I am hoping that it will turn into a full-time position so I can escape the hostility (LOL) of the floor RN’s. I personally feel my assessment skills are top-notch, just this weekend on my first assessment of a pt, after getting report from an RN, I found this post op pt to be having some major problems. Couldn’t get a O2 sat greater then 73%, pt way too lethargic, almost non responsive and confused, and very tachycardic. This pt was very quickly transferred to a monitored floor. The fact that I was able to recognize that this pt was not doing well after a lap chole and the RN did not realize this only confirms that LPN’s do have the skills and can be used to disprove that LPN/RN morbidity rate study. Hospitals may “do away” with LPN’s but there will still be nurses who miss things and doctors who make mistakes and pt’s who do not do well. What really gets me is I am a med surg nurse, yet only the RN’s can be med/surg certified when I run circles around some of them. Ok enough of my rant.

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