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Co-worker had a bad experience from Excelsior … it took over a year for them to release her transcripts so she could sit for the NCLEX, so she had to continue to work as an LPN for an additional year while waiting and waiting. Last I heard, my state will no longer accept graduates from Excelsior, but I haven’t fact checked that.

As a new grad, I paid out of pocket to attend an ICU prep course a large hospital was putting on for their employees. While in the class I got to get to know the nurse managers and they were impressed with me, and I left the class with a full time job. Not everyone can afford that, but it was a good program and got me a real job, so I was happy.

If you don’t have that option, take ACLS, PALS, TNCC, etc … all of those certificate courses which will be required or preferred for many jobs.

Good luck … personally, I would get some more RN experience in before continuing on for the BSN, but the day is quickly coming when a BSN will be required and then people like me will be hosed. I went part way through an RN to BSN online program, but it was a huge money suck and time suck and I didn’t really feel like it was helping me at all, so I dropped out … I’m sure I will regret that someday.

Good luck.

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