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OMG! We were just talking about this very subject at work the other night! Our hospital requires that we receive the shot in October OR wear a mask from October to MARCH! SIX MONTHS of a sweaaty mask encouraged me to get a shot I do not believe in, AND that the CDC ssays is non-effective on most flu viruses and sometimes they pick the wrong one to replicate into our vaccines. Don’t get me wrong I do believe some people should get the shot IF THEY WANT like elderly, or immunocompromised but what bothers me is that the hospital ASKS the patient if they have recieved the shot and if they WANT the shot and if not they don’t have to wear masks for their stay. Not particularly to for our protection but what about the other ancillary staff? the doctors, and visitors? I guess it just angers me that WE are required regarding more than just these vaccines and it angers me to be REQUIRED to do anything I don’t believe in just to keep my job. It doesn’t feel American 🙁

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