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Get this… When they put up notices around work for our meetings they say attendance is “strongly encouraged”. That’s their way of getting out of having to pay us. Pretty crappy huh? You better believe if we don’t go we get the evil eye from the DON. Nevermind how they make snyde comments like “oh, well, you would have known if you had come to the meeting”. We have rotating schedules so I have every other Wednesday off, wouldn’t you know that literally every single staff nurse meeting has been on my Wednesday off. I am forced to use one of my very few days off, that I much prefer to spend with my son, driving a half hour to and from, to not get paid, to listen to people throw each other under the bus and about how we’re calling/faxing our medical director too much or too little this month. Can you say frustrating? The worst part is after almost an hour travel, on my own time and dime, I can usually only stay about 20 minutes out of the hour or so meeting because I’ll have to rush back, in traffic, to pick up my son from school. GRRRRRR

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