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Update: it is for a 36 bed facility with 3-4 on medicare at a time. 24hours a week and on-call for the floor. Otherwise, I would only be on-call. (SNF nursing is a lot of pill passing!)

As a new grad I am happy to have any job and will have plenty of backup if needed. While this isn’t what I pictured for my first nursing job, it is interesting. I have to know absolutely everything about a patient to fill out the assessment forms. I get to interview and assess patients. I have to draw on a lot of different skills to get the job done accurately, and on time.

New grads do not have the luxury of being picky or waiting for that perfect job. I would rather work and retain my hard earned nursing knowledge than be unemployed for months or years. Having experience will open up many doors in the future.

Thank you to everyone for your input!

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