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p.s. I cared for a patient once who ended up in the middle of an unfortunate dispute between two attendings over ownership of the patient. The patient was acutely ill, had been through one procedure, and was experiencing some pretty acute complications that were probably going to result in another trip to the OR. I needed an order for Ativan, but the docs were playing the “go ask your mother” game. In the meantime, I was dealing with a HIGHLY anxious patient, who told me he was afraid he was going to die. And I was afraid for him. So, guess what? I charted it, verbatim. I needed Ativan, STAT. And, I’m stealing from Jason here, but I considered this to be a fine hospital, Man’s Greatest.

And when I was deposed two years later by the lawyer for the facility, I remembered exactly why I did it. And I never had to say a word about the dispute in my notes. The patient recovered after the second procedure, and went home.

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